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Can you spot the mouse?
Can you spot the mouse?

Last night Rigby was in the galley with me after dinner. “This place is finally starting to feel like home,” he said. I knew what he meant. Our crew, though not devoid of its own little dramas and miscommunications, had found its rhythm.

Good night, Mouse
When I arrived on this ship a few weeks ago, I noticed a small plastic (but very realistic-looking) mouse on a ledge in the galley. The old cook told me that the mouse had a habit of showing up in odd places. “There’s a snake, too,” added Eve with a glimmer in her eye. I knew this scene from The Sound of Music, I thought, when the children put a frog in Maria’s pocket.

The first time the mouse reappeared was when I was making brownies and he tumbled out of a half-used bag that had been in the freezer. I shrieked. “Mark probably didn’t think you’d use them so quickly!” Eve laughed knowingly.

I picked him up by the tail and set him back on the ledge. A few days ago a kid on our cruise noticed the mouse and I told him how it was like the mouse from good-night moon, and that we moved him around. “Where Do you think we should put him?” I asked the boy. He pointed to a hammock by the galley portholes where I keep onions and tomatoes. I grinned. That was the last place I’d remembered seeing him. Until this morning. I left the galley to go to the shore head and when I came back, he was in the middle of the galley sole. And, yes, I shrieked.

No one has fessed up, but Eve was wearing her usual sheepish look. I didn’t mind. I think it means I’m one of them.

Carnitas (pork butt cooked a long, long time.)
Carnitas (pork butt cooked a long, long time.)

Tuesday’s Menu
Sausage gravy and biscuits
Pasta Primavera with no-knead bread
This pasta recipe was a hit.
Carnitas, handmade tortillas, black bean soup and rice
The gift that keeps on giving: cheesecake leftover from the charter that I’d frozen