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Hole in the sole and someone inside it!
Hole in the sole and someone inside it!

In one sense, Greenport is the first place we’ve been that feels like a port. it’s actually got piers and a marina. You can hear the cries of seagulls and last night a bunch of guys were fishing for squid.

“What would you do with squid,” came Harrison’s voice from the foc’s’le this morning.
“Hmmm…” I pondered. “I think it’s best fried or grilled, but since I can’t fry it, I’ll have to look into oven-baked calamari…” I’m hoping he’ll catch some for me one night so I can try it out.

While this town lacks the big tanker and cargo ship traffic of Savannah and Wilmington, there’s a couple car ferries going back and forth to nearby islands. Across the way, on the next pier over, there’s an oyster bar with a blue and white awning and checkered tablecloths. It’s a cozy place. I had no idea such places existed on Long Island.

We’ll be here for one more week – long enough for me to make a trip into the city and long enough for us, in all likelihood, to meet most of Greenport’s inhabitants. (So far they include a woman with a pet bear and a man who repeatedly cries out, “Hoo-Ha!”) We’re also going to get a few sails in – which should be fun, especially given the fact that the crew got a long day of sail-handling/training in when we were out on the hook. They are a well-oiled machine. Or at least that’s what it sounded like from the galley.

The New Guy
Today our volunteer arrived. There’s a bit of a tradition of calling the new guy, “New Guy,” at least for a few days. Or until some other new guy shows up and New Guy becomes Old Guy. But I’ve already got a name for him. I’m calling him Hawk. He arrived looking like a proper sailor, with military epaulettes on his shoulders. Our guys suddenly looked pretty scruffy in their worn-out Carhartts and flannel.

A blitz of blintzes.
A blitz of blintzes.

The Big Up-sell
Today I’ve been thinking about asking for a raise. I was told when I started that I would be paid less than the last cook, because of my lack of experience. Once I proved myself, they’d up my pay to what the last guy got. Now that two months have gone by, I figure it’s time. Having gone through many such discussions in the past, I find it rather comical: I’m asking for a minuscule fraction of the raises I’ve asked for in the past, yet I’m actually more concerned about not getting it! Where before it meant an increase in savings I could set aside, now it’s the difference between being able to pay my cell phone bill without dipping into said savings.

I’m thinking about all the things I can say to convince Cap to give me the upgrade. I mean, I’m worth it, right?

Wednesday’s Menu
Bacon and blintzes, which were good, but perhaps too much effort.
Although it was entertaining to hear this snippet yesterday:
Harrison: What are blintzes?
Eve: I don’t know, but she described them for me once and they sound like puffy clouds full of yummy deliciousness!
Spaghetti and meatballs with pecorino romano, garlic toasts and salad
Hamburgers and fries and coleslaw
Toffee bars

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