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Last night when we got back to the boat, Cap pulled me aside. Apparently the Godfather of Newport, our once adoring sponsor had written to the ship’s owners that we had not been grateful enough for his generosity. That we had apparently called him at 1 AM about a missing credit card. There was in fact an incident in which Eve thought she left the company card at the local West Marine, and at one point when the Godfather called, I asked him if it was in his car. He said no, but that his wife was near West Marine right then, so I should call and find out if they have it. I said I would, and call him if they did. Later that day he called, sounding annoyed, that his wife had been sitting at the West Marine ever since (for something like two hours).

Well, of course I apologized for the misunderstanding. I had no idea he’d be so annoyed as to contact our office. As far as being thankful, when he offered the grocery assistance, I know I said several times how gracious that was of him and how much we appreciated it. And as for calling him at 1 AM, that was ludicrous.

In any case, I went to bed feeling pretty rotten, and thinking I knew that day when he called that I should’ve called him either way – but I was getting ready for transit, and lunch.

Then at 1 AM, I awoke with a start. What if I had called him at 1 AM? Accidentally? On Saturday night? I got out my phone, but because I couldn’t see far back enough to see past the list of 1 AM calls to cab companies, I went online. Thankfully, there were no calls to the Godfather other than the ones I had made the day of the grocery delivery. (Although I did notice suddenly that half of the calls I placed that night were to Maryland (410), and not Newport (401). No wonder we couldn’t get a cab.

Another departure
Today at noon we left Newport for Marblehead. Monday night we got a passenger (someone who pays to voyage with us), and Tuesday morning we got another crew member, Tollhouse (because she’s not staying with us that long, but she brought us cookies!). I thought she looked familiar at first. Then later she mentioned the other boats she’d been on, I dropped a name, and we realized that we’d met on St. Croix!

Just goes to show you. This little world of tall ships. It’s really little.

Tuesday’s Menu
Sausage gravy, onion gravy, biscuits and eggs
White Lasagna; one with ground beef and one with mushrooms for the vegetarian
Tossed salad
French Bread – a really light and airy one because I started it before breakfast
Ham and scalloped potatoes
Fruit salad: mangos, pineapple, apples, banana with toasted coconut
Bittman’s banana bread with toasted coconut on top