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I woke at 4 am, unable to sleep. I had a busy day ahead, trying to get everything done so I could catch a 5:50 PM bus to New York City. But I got everything done, and left it in the oven on warm. I just hope it was hot enough when they sat down to eat. And not overcooked. I haven’t heard a peep from the boat since I left for the jitney with a roll slathered in chutney. 

On the bus I read Peter Pan and thought about all our adventures so far and those yet to come. Bly is supposed to spend his day off with this crazy guy we met the day before. The guy has a Cape Dory Typhoon that he offered to take us sailing on, and Bly is taking him up on it. Rigby asked about what cheese he could use to make nachos, so I know how he’s spending his day off. (He also finally got a girl’s number, so who knows how else he’ll be spending his day.) And Harrison’s friends are staying over another night. I know what Eve’s doing. Workaholic. And Smith is watching the boat while Cap also takes a much-needed furlough. 

I got off on 39th and 3rd, quite near where I once lived and took the bus every day to Queens. The city air was remarkably warmer than in Greenport, and I walked with my West Marine jacket tucked under my arm. It felt good to be back. And I plan to stuff as much adventure into this 24 hours as is humanly possible.

Sunday’s Menu
I served by favorite bread pudding, with dates and cardamom, and then made smoothies with lavender, coconut, beet juice, yoghurt, mixed berries and bananas in them.
Trying to economize yet again, I grilled up the leftover (free) sandwiches, and spent lunch time prepping for dinner.
Stuffed eggplant (with leftover fried rice, tomatoes, feta and Asiago cheese)
Roasted cauliflower with gouda
Roast beef
Caramelized carrots
Parker house rolls and salad

*I am traveling computer-less, so I won’t be able to upload any photos. But I wasn’t on the boat for dinner, so I don’t have any shots of it anyway!

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  1. You didn’t have to worry… dinner was delicious! I hope you had a great time on your day off and that things went well!

  2. Thanks – I’m glad you enjoyed it. Is this Nissy or Mick? (See, I have names for you already, Friend #2.) As for the recipe, here’s my best shot: slit an eggplant in hhalf an carefully scoop out the meat. Sauté onions, then eggplant innards, then add leftover fried rice – like 2-3 cups. Add some salsa. Remove from pan. Stir in feta cheese – about a cup. Or any other cheese. Taste to make sure it’s good, add salt and pepper as needed. Stuff the eggplants and bake about 45 minutes on 350 or until it looks all melty-like. I may be forgetting something, but that’s the general idea!

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