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This post has been back-dated since we did not have cell phone coverage during transit.

The first whole day at sea was exhausting. I didn’t take pills of any type, thinking highly of my own natural immunity to seasickness. I never barfed, but I was nauseous as hell for most of the day. It was like being in a stupor. Around dinner time Kip asked how I was and I told him. He suggested that I take some Bonine and brought it up from the head for me and sat it on the countertop. I swear I felt better in 15 minutes. I wondered if it was psychological. Kip came back in an hour later and as I turned around and made eye contact with him, he said, “Yep, it’s taken effect.”

I guess it was obvious. I have to say, it was all I could do to stay awake and motivated to make meals for the crew. Much less stow my Sam’s Club purchases or plan meals for the week. I was making meals without any planning, just based on what I could use from the fridge and make the fastest, since I was not planning ahead.

Right before dinner we were twelve miles out to sea, the wind kicked up when we thought it would die, doing seven knots in winds that were 10-15, gusting to 20. Smith asked if I wanted to come out and help raise sails. Duh.

After dinner I sat in the entrance to the galley and looked up at a beautiful, crystal-clear night.

Wednesday’s Menu
Ham and English muffins
Corn chowder and biscuits
(I finally mastered biscuits – I used cream this time instead of milk; but the main thing: I didn’t roll out the dough. I used my hand to pound the dough out after folding it, and then cut it into pretty thick rounds.)
Beef Stroganoff, roasted root vegetables and couscous for the vegetarian
Chocolate chip oat muffins

Sunset at sea. There's nothing quite like it. Except maybe sunrise at sea.
Sunset at sea. There’s nothing quite like it. Except maybe sunrise at sea.

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  1. Ginger…always have ginger on hand for the galley!
    It really helps to settle the stomach and doesn’t make you drowsy.

  2. I thought of you today for some reason as I loaded the dish rack–you know, the awesome metal dishrack you sent from Sweden when you moved. I load it every day, but today, thought of you with a smile. šŸ™‚

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