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On the balcony at Tubby’s a guy is covering Journey’s “Faithfully” as a country ballad. Surprisingly, it works. And has me a little melancholy about the paths we give up when we choose one future over another.

Last night I talked to my friend Marc on the phone, who said he was glad I was enjoying myself, but come home (this is the same friend who got me into this business in the first place, mind you). Then I listened to a voicemail from my friend Paul. He said he understood this was something I had to do, but come home.

It rained all day today, which drove all the deckhands belowdecks. We had to cancel our afternoon sail. The weather seemed to make everyone a little melancholy.

I made granola and baked buns for our lunch and even though I was late with dinner, the crew was understanding and pitched in a lot to clean the galley and salon afterwards.

After not that long with them, they have endeared themselves to me, which begs the question: Where is home, anyway?

My not-so-sloppy Joe.
My not-so-sloppy Joe.

Wednesday’s Menu
Pancakes, bacon and eggs
Sloppy joes; caramelized onion and fried egg sandwich for the vegetarian; chips and salad
Chicken with an Indian yoghurt-tomato sauce; curried vegetables and a Samosa loaf.
Butterscotch pudding