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Steak, salad, pasta and bread in (but out of) the pot.

I haven’t written since we left Marquette. It’s that end mentality setting in. And a laziness. We arrived in Frankfort on Thursday at noon. Yesterday we celebrated the ship’s 10th birthday. And today is Saturday and Bly is coming to the boat any minute!

After he left us in Marblehead, he hightailed it out west to have adventures moving a roving fly fishing camp around Wyoming. He just got back to his hometown in Michigan and – just in time to meet up with us. We’ve been talking about sneaking over the dunes and camping there tonight, but the forecast is full of rain and thunderstorms.

It feels great to be back in west Michigan. The scenery here is spectacular – dramatic 200-foot dunes spilling into crystal clear water. This morning I ran out to the lighthouse and back. It made me want to move here. If it weren’t for the fact that winter exists and will be coming back with a vengeance.

Today is also Cap’s last day as Captain. Yesterday Captain Smiley arrived. We met him for the first time back in Newport, when he hosted a barbecue for us, and now he’s in command of our fair ship. It’s odd, that Captain Flash is leaving. I’ve always seen her as The Captain of the Marlin. She’s the one I came to work for. The one I interviewed with. The one who said she would go out with the crew, and was discovering her management style. I’ve always been proud to say she was our captain.

But as has happened with everyone who’s about to leave, Cap has been chomping at the bit. She’s been especially grumpy for the last 48 hours. And I totally get it. With less than a month left on my contract, I’ve got one foot out the door. I have no idea what I’m doing next, but by golly, world, bring it.

J-bird’s Bibimbap.

PS about P1
I mentioned we have a volunteer with us that is staying though to Chicago. I decided to give him a name: J-bird. He’s a good eater.

Saturday’s Menu
Blueberry muffins
Pasta with pesto
Salad of sautéed zucchini, heirloom tomatoes from the farmers’ market, garlic and red wine vinegar
Chuck steak slow-cooked in the oven in an old marinade I had in the fridge
Bibimbap, for the second night in a row:
Carrots sautéed in sesame oil with sesame seeds and a dash of salt
Onions sautéed in rice wine vinegar, a dash of salt and red pepper flakes
Zucchini sautéed with very little oil and a dash of salt
Beef short ribs slow-cooked in this marinade I will try to upload a link for
Sauce made out of a cup of rice vinegar, a cup of brown sugar, and siracha to taste