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The crew likes to carve pictures in their desserts.
Can you spot the gaff-rigged sloop?

One if by land, two if by air
The King brought his daughter. We did not receive this memo. I heard her being introduced on deck and pictured someone…well, someone older? Than 11?

Right off the bat, I could tell we were going to hit it off. When introductions got to the galley, she peered in curiously, and when her father moved on, she stayed. Before long, I had her in an apron, chopping broccoli and kneading bread.

The King, who is from San Diego, personifies his city: he’s hip, but in a small town kinda way; laid back; cowboyish. Before taking over his father’s legacy, he created and franchised a gym for kids. His daughter is smart and laughs at my jokes. I like her. And she looked cute in my apron.

A word about Funnies
One of the reasons for the King’s visit was so that he could bring in a professional photographer to take our photos at evening muster and during dinner. After dinner we staged some drama in the galley, with Harrison popping up out of the hole in the fo’c’sle to chat; me cutting bread and opening a pot of steaming water. I was transported back to other photoshoots in my past: the Absolut shoot where I met my last love; the time I was the makeover model for a Swedish women’s magazine; and the on-site shoots we did for my last company – on top the Cooper River Bridge and at MIT’s Frank Ghery building in Boston.

In this shoot, the crew had to wear funnies. This means that they are dressed in period garb – funny outfits – with big, blousy sleeves that get caught in the rigging; hot linen and wool vests. This is a practice from which I thankfully have immunity. To their credit, the crew doesn’t complain much about it.

Although usually these costumes are part of the act – to transport guests onboard to the year of 1812  yesterday, the act we put on was for… you guessed it – a coffee table book. Yeah, you know you want one.

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