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New Guy working on the hoops.
New Guy working on the hoops.

Yesterday Eve fixed the showers in the marina’s bathroom. Do I need to repeat that? Guys, if you’re reading this, aren’t you already in love with her? Beautiful and fixes other people’s plumbing?

It’s Cinco de Mayo so I decided to make Mexican all day, starting with Juevos Rancheros.

It was a beautiful, crisp sunny day, and on the way to the grocery store I popped the salary question to Captain Flash. At first it went well. She said that it wasn’t until May 11th that we were supposed to talk about this (I said I knew that, but I figured I’d ask now in case there was anything I should be doing to step it up. She said she didn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t get it.

As we entered the market, I asked the question that set things off on a different tack entirely. I asked if I could take a half day on Tuesday if I got all the meals prepped in advance – since it’s going to take so long to get to New York. I could see her pulse rate increase. An interesting discussion ensued that showed the clash of worlds. Both at my last company and at the agency I helped start in Sweden, the rule was: if you get the job done, you can take time when you need it.

At the agency, we were always there to cover for one another so that we could travel or spend time with our families. We watched each other’s kids, ran errands for each other – we were more or less a family.¬†Although our boat is much like that family, in many ways, I cannot sub in for Cap’. I can’t do her job. So I can’t make the offer: give me this half day and I’ll do a half-day for you.

Carrot cake from the Silver Palate.
Carrot cake from the Silver Palate

I can only imagine what it must be like to be my boss in this environment – I probably question the rules more often than I should and break the rules more often than I should. Why do we have to stand up at muster? Why can’t I be barefoot on deck? Why do I have to wear this ugly t-shirt that doesn’t fit me? Why can’t the crew eat cereal one morning so I can take a train back from Manhattan?

There are actually a few good reasons: right now we’re operating with the minimum number of crew, so if she needed to move the boat, they would need me. We’re departing Wednesday morning, which means there will be a lot to get done on Tuesday – provisioning, a possible stove cleaning and re-starting (blagh!), etc.

Later I looked into the Hampton Jittney, and it looks like I will be able to take a bus out on Sunday night and return Monday night, and everything will go smoothly. But it was an interesting discussion to have anyway. Especially because she’s younger than me, and in some ways, I could probably mentor her or give her ideas on management or leadership – but I can’t help her be my boss. That is a challenge she will have to figure out on her own.

More good to say about Greenport
In the evening most of us headed off to get margaritas and join in a Ceilidh, at which the mayor and the owner of the town newspaper and a bunch of others were going to be playing. When they saw us they started in on sea shanties, and we all joined in, me on my iPhone, looking up lyrics as fast as I could so I could sing along. After we got back from the bar, it was one of those nights where we just wanted to keep enjoying each other’s company, and the galley filled up with sailors talking about love and boats and more boats.

My taco at lunch. I put leftover sausage & onion gravy on it. Oh yes I did.
My taco at lunch. I put leftover sausage & onion
gravy on it. Oh yes I did.


Thursday’s Menu
Juevos Rancheros: jalapeno and cheese cornbread with eggs over easy (or less easy) and salsa
Chicken mole and rice and potato empanadas
Carrot cake

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  1. The way of the ship involves lots of tradition and sometimes just plain old rules. New salts question, old salts just know. (or they are too tired to question any more)LOL

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