Position Filled

Position Filled

You’re too slow. The captain announced this morning that he’s found my replacement. See what I mean by the little world of tall ships? Up went the post on the billet bank; in came the responses. All I can say is: You’re missing out! Actually, the main thought coursing through my mind is: Pfew, I don’t have to feel guilty about leaving them in the lurch.

Layover in Traverse Bay
We made a pitstop in Traverse City around dinnertime last night, and our plan is to leave again bright and early tomorrow morning for Northport, a little town near the mouth of Traverse Bay. If it’s deep enough, we’ll do daysails there tomorrow – and the town has offered to host two barbecues, at lunch and dinner, to feed all of us. Splendid. That’s two less meals I have to cook.

Throughout the morning, every time I thought about the fact that I’ve got two weeks left I would suddenly burst out with unintelligible utterances, such as: “Wooh—ahh-hee-heh-hee-haw.” To celebrate, I made the crew sushi for lunch. I’ve been meaning to make sushi since Captain Flash left, but it’s been hard to gather up all the ingredients.

I started looking at my bunk today, thinking about packing it all up. It’s surprisingly little, yet surprisingly much. I might have to send my stack of aprons home to Mom, parcel post. I’ve made a list of all the things I’m going to throw out: my tennis shoes, most of my socks and underwear, two shirts that are irrevocably stained with black soot from the diesel stove… Then I noticed later today while trying on dresses at a women’s clothing store that maybe I should throw out most of my clothes. The boat smell is detectable even on clean laundry.

Wednesday’s Menu
Shrimp tempura with avocado
Snow crab with avocado and carrots
Marinated tofu, avocado and carrots
Deep-fried squid tentacles and avocado
KFC… um… yeah.. well, the crew got the afternoon off, except the duty person and… well, me, if people wanted me to make dinner. The fo’c’s’le clued in and all the deckhands texted me to say that they would not join for dinner. But sure enough, Harrison and Burns wanted their meal prepared. Not being too keen on this, and wanting to take off to the beach like everyone else, I caved. And Kentucky Fried is was.