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Day #6: Pork Roast (aka., Going Head-to-head with the Crock-pot)

Inspiration The most common word you hear on the boat right now is “transit.” After more than a month in dry-dock, the desire to sail and to get out on the open ocean is all-consuming. On my sixth day, the crew prepared to put the boat in the water. Boston was on the  horizon. Thinking about what Kakan the Swede, might like for breakfast, I made the Swedish rice porridge…

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Day #5: No More Babysteps

Only two members of the crew recognized the dish I was serving to them. But when the plates were cleaned off the table, nothing was left. It was my most successful meal yet: Bibimbap. My version was decidedly more off-the-cuff than the one you’ll get at Korean restaurants. Lacking individual stone pots, I put the rice in the oven prior to serving in order to crisp it up. I served…

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Day #4: Hurrah for Hamburgers

After the weekend was over,  I made my way back to the boat armed with new tools: an oven-proof glove, chili-laden chocolate from the Brooklyn-based Mast Brothers, and a bread-making bible. The commuter train from Boston was filled with people in costume on their way to Salem for Halloween celebrations. I mean, every seat was filled. I sat down, intending to write or read or make a phone call, and immediately…

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Day #3: Backed Up

Friday arrived. I had plans to leave for Boston by 3 pm. But before I could leave, I had to make all of the meals for the entire weekend. I woke at 4 am. Unable to go back to sleep, I was in the kitchen by 5 am, baking cinnamon rolls according to Beth Hensperger’s recipe. When the Swedish girl, Kakan, walked in for breakfast I told her I thought I…

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Day #2: Green Curry

From a box “Hey, she came back!” said the captain the next morning when I entered the galley an hour before muster and found him sitting at the nav station in the main salon. The surprise seemed partly genuine and partly a line he had used a hundred times. It was my first full day on the job. I got to work making pancakes for breakfast. But nobody told me…

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Day #1: Spaghetti Marinara

I had never worked as a cook. I had never worked on a boat. But that didn’t stop me from applying, or them from hiring me. This is how my adventures at sea began.

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Ode to Stockholm

My ever-evolving list of where to eat (and a few things to do) in one of my favorite cities.

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It’s been a while since I’ve been back to this place, but it used to be my go-to for a fresh and filling meal after sailing.