It’s been a while since I’ve cooked professionally on a boat. By all accounts, high time. My latest ride? A brigantine I’ll call The Adventurer – for the places I hope it will take me.

Unlike my last contracts, this boat only has me coming and going for short stints, allowing me to keep my freelance writing projects going at the same time. So although my stories of my time on her will not be as regular as those of my old crew and vessel, it couldn’t be a more perfect scenario: I’m writing, cooking and sailing. I can’t help recall the little girl who peered into my galley on the Marlin one day and said, “You really do have it all.”

The Cast/Crew, in order of appearance:
Smith, who appears only in spirit, was bosun on the Marlin
, volunteer coordinator for the Adventurer
Captain Nash, our musical former vegetarian captain
Provolone, a volunteer who apparently throws great pool parties
Captain Catalina, whose reputation as an affable, mandolin-player good eater proceeded him
Sharfemaxx, who I met while on the Neverland (he doesn’t make an appearance but may one day)
Poi Boy
, our bosun, who liked to play with fire
The Doctor, a volunteer and med student with whom I exchanged fun food facts
Homer, a salty volunteer who has promised to bring me vegetables from his garden the next time I cook onboard

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