The Neverland

My first boat, my first love affair with a tall ship, was an old fishing boat turned sailing school. The adventure ended prematurely, but left an indelible mark.

Cast/Crew, in order of appearance:
Captain Wright, the head captain who hired me
Filip, the Francophil cook turned deckhand
Kackan, the Swedish boat-building girl
Sugarbelle, the bareback pony riding tough ass
Captain Might, our relief captain, and the captain who fired me
Zeke, the first mate
The Philosopher, the second mate
Jenny, the tree-planting Canadian
Huck, with whom I talked politics and jammed to rap music
Cat, a sweet, endearing young thing
Will, with whom I shared his first oyster
Elise, who most missed the old cook
The Queen, the administrator of the operation
Do What You Love
What Happens When You’re Removed from the Boat
Safe and Sound in St. Croix
Bermuda to St. Croix
Blueberry Pancakes (or, the first time I get in trouble)
Bermuda on our bow
Picky Eaters
Two Tuna, Please
First morning at sea – Boston to Bermuda
Preparing to Depart
Great Escapes
Shopping for Transit
Day #?: What Day is it?
Day #7: First Trip to Costco
Day #6: Pork Roast (aka., Going Head-to-head with the Crock-pot)
Day #5: No More Babysteps
Day #3: Backed Up
Day #2: Green Curry
Day #1: Spaghetti Marinara