The Marlin

My second boat was a 127-foot schooner with only 14 berths. Though we had our ups and downs, our sometimes-ragtag sometimes-professional crew became my family. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t miss them.

The Cast/Crew, in order of appearance:
Eve, our beloved and kind-hearted engineer
Bly, our first gunner, future FBI agent
Rigby, our first purser and gunner, klutz and casanova
Kip, our first bosun, who knew to sleep facing forward
Smith, our faithful first mate/bosun who kept us on our toes
Captain Bill, the relief captain when I got onboard
Harrison, a romantic and naturalist, he was first coxswain, then bosun
Captain Flash, our excellent and amazing head captain
Seth #2, first mate on several transits, lifelong ocean nomad
Jane, good-natured and goofy, was with us briefly as first mate
Captain Dashing, knight of the seas, our part-time captain
Neb, deckhand, then coxswain and gunner, who hugged me for making quiche
Chip, a volunteer deckhand, poet and historian
Straus, our tattooed and earringed sailor and purser
Buttons, our social butterfly and no-longer-New-Girl, who took over as gunner and coxswain when Neb left
Butler, an 18-year-old volunteer who never stopped laughing
Deutsch, a bona-fide deckhand and our assistant engineer
J-bird, our volunteer/passenger from Marquette to Chicago
Captain Smiley, the last and final captain for the duration of my time on the Marlin
Mouse, a volunteer deckhand who boarded in Chicago
Burns, the first mate starting in Chicago

Off the Boat
What Are You Going to do Next?
The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned
The Handover
Last of Days
Day of Lasts
Who Builds These Boats?
Out with a Bang
Not Just the Job
Paradise Lost
Will Somebody Hit the Lights?
Stepford, Part 2
Welcome to Stepford
Will They Remember Me When I’m Gone?
A Few More Secrets
Position Filled
Desperately Seeking Sea Cook
Last Transit
Secrets to Surviving on $6 a Day
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Day on the Town in Chi-Town
Sister Love
All Over the Map
The Taste of Freedom
When it Blows
Maybe Life is a Picnic…
Back in the Game
Tomorrow, Everything Will Change (and I’m not talking about the rapture)
New Guy on the Dock
Something’s Missing
Lost a Belt in Buzzards Bay
Heading North, Again
Monday Funday
Don’t Wear Your Boots to Town
The Last Time I’ll Make Them Liver
Where the Sailboats Are
I Heard the Mermaids Singing
Next Port, Newport
Off the Hook
Dive In
How the Marlin Lost Her Gale
And the Landlubbers Lie Down Below
Hello, Greenport! (Who Knew Long Island was so Nice?)
On Sea Legs Still
Land, Ho!
On the Hook
Who’s on Deck?
One Fish, Two Fish, Bluefish, Bluefish
Any Stove in a Storm
What do you do With a Sea-sick Sailor?
Good-bye World
Boxing the Compass
The Great Marlin Easter Egg Hunt (or, The Something Hilarious)
Overheard on the Dock
Learning the Ropes
An Unwelcome Guest
Aye, There’s the Rub
Marking Time
A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall
Rock the Boat
Know Your Captain
Coming Soon to a Coffee Table Near You
The King is Coming
Skeleton Crew
Out of the Shackles, One Foot Still on Sea
I am an Island
Oh, How Great is the Lord, How Mysterious His Ways
Wilmington, Hurrah!
Full Day at Sea
Underway Again
A Proper Send-off
Cat’s out of the bag
Mealtimes = good times
Dutch Dutch Baby
Check one off the bucket list
One of Them
Day 18: Limoncello
Born to Sail
Alternative Use
Le Creuset, Le Creuset, How I Love Le Creuset
A Little Land Time Goes a Long Way
Curse of the Picky Eater Captains
How I Spent St. Patrick’s Day
Good-bye Leftovers, Hello Rollovers
Fender Girl to the Rescue
There’s Room for Jean-Georges in my Boat
Day #2 – I Get to Cook!
Day #1 – Apple Pie
I Have Confidence (Right?)
Sea vs. Land (or, Why I Chose the Sea)
Cold Feet
Sea Call
Preparing to Launch
New Job on the Line