Posted on: December 10, 2012 Posted by: Cole Ruth Comments: 0

The pictures you see here are all from 2009. They are from one of the last rolls of film I used. Aren’t they beautiful? I took another round of photos at Ellen’s when we ate there last month, but they aren’t the same. Even though the new digital camera body cost me a small fortune and I’ve got all these fancy features to help me take a better photo, there is something different about these photos that I can’t achieve with digital.

It’s funny. I want to call it nostalgia: that slight dustiness and the way the light glows.

Ellen’s Danish Pancake House¬†is right beside the motorhome park where we stay in Buellton. So on both trips that I’ve taken there with my grandparents, we walked to Ellen’s on our first morning. On this trip, I asked the server, as I usually do, what one should order here. Then I asked what she thought was the best thing on the menu. She suggested the Danish pancakes and the Danish sausage. Although I was leaning toward one of the specials (eggs and ham hocks!), I thought I’d better go in for the experience and eat like a Dane.

I didn’t realize until I looked back at these photos that I ordered exactly the same thing three years ago. I had to shake my head. How typical. I probably even asked the server the same questions and made the same waffling decision. It’s a little embarrassing. I tend to pride myself on trying different things and on always finding the best thing on the menu, yet here I am, predictable as Danish pancakes at a Danish pancake house.

Not that I have any regrets. I ate every last bite.