Growing up, I spent almost every summer in the valley. One set of grandparents had a large house and more importantly, a pool. The other set of grandparents lived in Northridge – and still do.

In the valley, I am a big fan of Lum Ka Naad for Thai and I’m a fan of the cochinitas pibil at Dos Arbolitos.

When I’m there, I make a point of hitting some of my favorite grocery stores:

For Korean food, like rice cakes (sticks): the Galleria Market.

To stock up on Thai curry pastes: Bangluck Market (New) at 7235 Reseda Blvd, Reseda, CA. If it seems like the place is closed or closed to the public, it’s because the entrance is totally hidden on the backside of the building.

If you’ve never been to Seafood City, this place is worth a visits. I feel like it’s mostly Chinese with some Japanese. The web site says it is “Asian and Filipino-influenced.” I don’t care. It’s a blast to walk the aisles and look at the crazy product assortment.

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