At Restaurants

Lots of people say to me, “I can’t believe you’re not three-hundred pounds!”

Because I love to eat. And that’s why I get several requests a month for restaurant tips. After rummaging through my mental archive, I came up with lists for Stockholm, New York, and a bunch of places in between. Since these lists are always changing, I thought I’d gather them here so they’re searchable by location.

I’ve also organized a few of my food trips according to itineraries, so the potential traveler can use them as a guide. If you’re planning a trip to one of the destinations I’ve been to, please feel free to write and ask questions or advice. Enjoy!

Love and Tacos
My New York State of Mind
The Call of Duty
I cannot tell this deliciousness in a single word
My Oh Maya
Tip-top Tri-Tip
Unhinged at the Hitching Post
Traverse City, Day 2
Temporary Paradise
Back to Basics
A Roadhouse Worth a Pitstop
Underground in Midtown
Backdrop to a Perfect Evening
Singing Praises at the Fish Church
Best Pie in the Keys
There’s no Place Like Gotland
Ode to Stockholm
Two Pupusas, Please
Where to get High on Sushi
A Brief Love Affair
Poking around Prague