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When I was asked to cook on a tall ship during a festival in San Diego this fall, I was a little nervous. It had been a while since my last stint. Would the community of sailors have me back?

Love and Tacos

[caption id="attachment_3809" align="alignright" width="247"] Sampler plate, top to bottom: Mole poblano, Steak Picado, Cochinitas Pibil, Tinga (chicken), Bistek en salsa rojo, Chicarron (half-eaten).[/caption] When  friends from Sweden visited recently, they...

Oatmeal Revisited

My sister makes baked oatmeal for her kids and they love it. I decided to whip up this alternate version with items I had on hand from the farmers’ market. Voila: Ginger Baked Oatmeal with Pluots